1. You can know that you are reaching your target audience of the most likely customers and clients for your business.  The saturated mailings and deliveries to area businesses and single-family households in the selected zip codes maximize the effectiveness of your advertising dollars.

2.You will be helping Community Magazines tell the story of a worthy non-profit organization through your sponsorship of an issue with your ad.  In each issue, a feature article highlights and promotes an outstanding non-profit organization serving children, youth and those in need in your community.

3. People read magazines, especially people under the age of 40.  While fewer people read newspapers today, especially those under the age of 40, people still read magazines.  And unlike radio or television ads that disappear as soon as they air, magazine ads can be clipped and referenced again.

4. Community Magazines has a history of success.  Although new to the Tulsa area, Community Magazines has 17 years experience helping businesses reach new customers and helping non-profit youth and community organizations expand their services, increase their funds, and enlarge their number of volunteers and participants.

5. Prior to moving to Oklahoma the previous owner earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. We intend to maintain that same degree of business integrity with the new owners who are long term residents of the area.

6. You will find Community Magazines easy and professional to work with.  Headquartered locally, Community Magazines is committed to your success and satisfaction while helping great non-profit organizations.



Why Advertise with Community Magazines

There are many great reasons to advertise with Community Magazines.  Here are just a few:

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